Terms & Conditions

  1. The term "refinishing" means the removal and replacement of the existing finish with a new finish.  Any work beyond this, such as re-gluing, repairs, replacement of parts, etc., are subject to additional charge.
  2. A filled and/or polished finish can be done at the clients' request, which is subject to additional charge.
  3. The company shall assume no responsibility for the proper functioning of doors or drawers if worn or warped, unless requested to repair and/or adjust same.
  4. The Company shall assume no responsibility for the proper functioning of any mechanical, electrical, electronic or other items that may be present when a piece is being refinished unless shown to be in proper working order, or unless requested to repair and/or adjust same.
  5. All repairs and re-gluing are guaranteed for one year but the Company assumes no liability for injury or damage in the case of failure whether directly, indirectly or consequentially caused.
  6. Any furniture which is considered rare, of historical value, or very expensive must have insurance, provided separately by the owner and the Company must be informed in advance of such insurance.  The Company has limited insurance coverage in case of loss, theft or damage.
  7. The Company shall assume no responsibility for evident warpage, breakage, expansion, shrinkage or proper alignment however caused due to the age and condition of many pieces when they are brought in for refinishing.
  8. Due to woods and various substrates having different properties and compositions such as grain patterns, absorption rates, hard and soft areas, mineral streaks, veneers and solids, different cuts and different species of the same wood, the Company assumes no responsibility in colours and shades being uneven between cabinets, furniture, mill work, doors and all other components of wood articles after the staining and refinishing process.  In cases of a pre-chosen colour sample, or custom colour sample, the Company assumes no responsibility in an entire unit or project being identical throughout as the small random sample provided for the various reasons previously stated.
  9. In the case of a "colour match" being requested, the Company strives for the best possible results.  The Company does not guarantee an exact colour match between refinished and existing pieces.  In many cases the sample that is being used has had its original colour altered by a combination of age, yellowing, sun bleaching, pollution, smoke, different woods, grains and other factors.  These all combine to make the matching of colours extremely difficult considering the Company is using new unaltered colouring pigments and dyes.
  10. Due to inherent furniture blemishes such as deep scratches, dents, water marks, veneer blisters, lifting veneers, warped or uneven surfaces, cracking, scaling, gouges, discolouration, fading, chemical burns and cigarette burns, the Company assumes no responsibility in these defects remaining and detracting from the overall appearance.
  11. In the case of a previously stained or painted article being re-coated or refinished, the Company shall assume no responsibility for any bleeding of the old colour through the new finish and detracting from the overall appearance.  This also applies to knots, sappy, oily or contaminated substrates.
  12. Due to the wide range of lighting sources available that can and do influence perceived colour, all colour matches will be judged, using the industry North Standard (the article to be held in natural light facing north).
  13. The Company will assume no responsibility for open seams, loose or open joints, improper construction or irregularities such as inherent mill marks, glue spots, putty spots or sanding lines in new or old furniture brought in for finishing.  The customer will be advised of these deficiencies before work proceeds.
  14. All new work brought in for finishing must be relatively smooth and defect free.  Additional costs may be incurred if extensive sanding, the filling of seams and nail holes, or corrective measures of defects are necessary.  On multiple item projects, set-up charges, handling and protective packaging is extra and additional to the quoted price, if necessary.  If a cutting list of articles is not supplied, a surcharge may apply for measuring and calculation of square footage.
  15. All glass and mirror are the responsibility of the customer and must be removed before the finishing process.  The Company assumes no responsibility for breakage however caused, if the Company is asked to remove, replace or work with the glass/mirror in place.
  16. Since no coating supplier offers any warranty as to the longevity of their coating (only performance specifications), the company offers no warranty on any coating applied.  There are many reasons for coatings to fail, some being wood under stress, veneer movement, solvent entrapment, contaminants in the wood, excessive heat, cold or humidity, excessive film build, which are all variables beyond the manufacturers' control.
  17. The refinishing process requires the use of strong solvents, acids and alkalies that may adversely affect adhesives, plastic components and various substrates.  The Company assumes no liability if this occurs.  All products have been designed and are sold to be used on wood or common furniture components.
  18. If the Company through error or oversight applies an improper colour or finish (according to contract) and is proven so, the liability of the Company shall be limited to the amount of the original contract only, and to the specified item or items only, and no other charges such as transportation, set-up, handling, packaging, on-sight installation and/or any future corrective costs will be assumed.
  19. The Company strives to perform all work to the best of its professional ability and with due diligence, however, if the Company encounters a problem with contamination of the substrate such as oils, wax, silicone, chemical residues or extremely difficult to remove coatings, etc., the client will be informed of such problems and a discussion of what remedy, if any, is possible, and what additional costs may be incurred.  This will be done by approval of the client only and on a contractual basis.  All work will desist until authorization, one way or another, is received.
  20. Since there are many external factors affecting the finishing process including human application and involvement, the Company allows a 0.5% tolerance rate on deficiencies, (i.e. dust particles, orange peel. runs, etc.) on any article, which is agreed to by the customer as acceptable upon signing of the contract.  Any deficiency rate exceeding 0.5% of any article will be remedied or re-done.
  21. In cases where a decorative finish is applied to a substrate, a colour sample will be approved and signed by the customer, however, the Company reserves the right to perform this work at its own artistic interpretation and is given carte blanche to do so unless otherwise agreed to in writing.
  22. In cases of an article being upholstered after finishing, the Company assumes no responsibility to remove or replace any fabric if any corrective work is necessary and extra charges may apply if masking is possible to protect the fabric to do such corrective work.  The Company assumes no liability if fabric is damaged in the process of doing such corrective work.
  23. Pick-up and deliveries of articles are extra and beyond the cost of refinishing work.  Deliveries to an unknown location will be considered complete when the articles have reached the outside of the front door.  If the articles are required to be moved into a specific location, then an hourly charge per person shall apply (i.e. up and down stairs, elevators, tight locations and the moving of other articles).  Disassembly, re-assembly and set-up time are subject to additional cost.  Our delivery people have the right to refuse any delivery they deem to be too difficult or dangerous and will inform the customer of such, where alternative arrangements can be made.
  24. The Company shall not be responsible for articles left over 90 days unless authorized in writing, and will be subject to storage costs and handling.
  25. All terms are C.O.D. by cash or certified cheque, or if time permits, a regular cheque may be presented five business days before the articles are picked up or delivered.
  26. The gloss level of coatings may vary from high gloss to dead flat.  The colour and clarity of articles may be affected due to the addition of flattening agents.  If required, the customer will be shown a sample or if not required, the customer will be aware and agreeable to these possible variances.
  27. When the company is requested to provide a specific colour match to a stain or colour, a $35.00 fee shall be charged for time and materials and a formula will be kept for future use.  For extremely difficult or multi-coloured samples, a surcharge may apply, depending on the time and effort required to match the sample.
  28. In certain cases where articles have unusual configurations, carvings,multiple angles and tight construction, it may not be possible to achieve a uniform colour and finish throughout.  The Company always strives for the best possible results considering it uses professional spray equipment and personnel.  The customer accepts this as part of the finishing process.
  29. This contract is required by Section 16 of the Consumers Protection Act and must be signed by both parties.

I/We hereby acknowledge that these Terms and Conditions (30 items) have been read and understood and that these Terms and Conditions are attached to and form part of our formal contracts and by signing these Terms and Conditions agree to and are bound by them.

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